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Think of hot air balloons. Think of the Thanksgiving Day Parades. Did you ever imagine that you too could be flying something like that??

Inflatable kites have no sticks. They are filled by the wind and a specially engineered internal structure gives them shape. And we can make them really big! Usually we add a "lifter kite" to increase buoyancy and stability.

Pieces Shown Below:
Inflatable Kites: Diablo | Gecko | Flying Penguin | Flying Duck | Octopus
Ground Bouncers: Lady Bugs

You Might Also Consider:
Lifters: Super Sled | Mega Sled | Rokkaku | Pilot Parafoil

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Here is the long-awaited smaller version of the wonderful Gonzalez Devil. We're calling him Diablo.

Larger pieces are still available, but we've added a fun 3x9 foot model at a lower price that you can afford to stack up under a lifter or just fly one for fun.

There is nothing to assemble, nothing to lose, nothing to break. Just pull it out of the bag, stretch out the bridles, let the wind fill out the shape, and pop it into the air. Then stand back and watch these whimsical kites attract smiles.

Diablo is $99. Buy three and get 20% off! Click here for a photo.

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Inflatable Gecko:

Watching this 25 foot Peter Lynn lizard "climb" into the wind will amaze everyone. The tail and legs create a realistic motion in any breeze. Yes, it will fly alone, but we strongly recommend a lifter for added stability and flight angle. .

We can make Gecko in red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, violet, purple, or black.

You pay just $460 for this enormous show stopper! And you get to choose the colors too!! Click here for a photo.

Inflatable Octopus: They're priced right, easy to pack, and fly great. Oh, and Susie says be sure to mention "very cute".

Check out our special details like three-dimensional inflated eyes that stand out from the face of the kite. Cupped suckers on the tentacles generate improved drag and stability. Lifter loops make it easy to attach a kite.

We stock the small Octopus in red, yellow, green, blue, or purple.

Fun Size Octopus

Most inflatables fly better with a lifter.That means you use another kite to provide a boost.

For smaller and mid-size inflatables, don't tie the lifter line directly to the primary kite. Wind gusts or larger lifters may cause damage. Instead, anchor the lifter on one line, and the inflatable on a second line from the same anchor point. Then attach the inflatable to the line of the lifter using the "lifter loop" with a snap or other slider and let it float up the lifter-line.

For more details on lifters, check our Frequently Asked Questions

6 Foot Penguin: He is cool! I mean *really* cool!

Our flying Penguin floats in the air with his big yellow feet waddling below. It is a solid flying design but refinements in the construction process allow us to offer this big bird at prices lower than comparably sized inflatables.

Some people think he looks like a Duck. Fine! If you want a "Yellow Penguin" with an orange bill, let us know! You can either for just $99.

Click here for a photo.

Fun Size Octopus

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It's a Bug infestation!! These irresistible ground bouncers inflate through side flaps and then quiver as the wind blows around them. Heavier bottom panels keep them from rolling over dead.

We have four sizes - so you can bug people as much as you want!
  • 2 foot - $30
  • 4 foot - $40
  • 6 foot - $75
  • 8 foot - $160
  • Bouncing Bugs

    Click here for another view.

    Choose any colors you like and release a swarm onto your beach or lawn. Steady winds are needed to maintain shape, although the flaps self-seal to hold air in. The bugs are child-tolerant but are not designed to be kicked or jumped on....

    Super Sled

    Super Sled:

    Here's a solid lifter for all occasions.

    This 40 square foot traditional sled measures eight feet wide and five feet tall. It is perfect for displaying tubes, tails, and line decorations. Click here for a photo.

    Attach them to the flying line, or connect to tabs at the base of the kite. The special ram-air design provides increased lift and stability in a wide range of wind conditions.

    At just $84 each, you won't find a better platform for the money. We're making sleds in red, yellow, and purple - each with black and white accents.

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    Mega Sled: -- Especially designed for lifting windsocks, tubes, and line art!

    This big 75 square foot para-sled is a strong, reliable lifter for all your kiting needs. It measures 10 feet wide and 7.5 feet tall. Use it to fly big tubes, inflatable line decorations, or larger spinners. Anchor other inflatable kites below. The Mega Sled won't let you down!

    Mega Sled

    The special ram-air design provides increased lift and stability in a wide range of wind conditions. Tabs at the base of the kite allow easy tail attachment, and the unique sail tension system lets you tighten or remove fiberglass spars easily. Spars disassemble for compact storage.

    The Mega Sled is a powerful kite. and sells for $180. Fabric bag included. Use 300-500 pound flying line and make sure you anchor securely. Click here for a photo.

    Megas are available in five colors options. Choose from rainbow, blue, purple, red, or yellow. Click here to see colors.

    Pilot Parafoil

    Pllot Parafoil

    Easy to launch, stable in flight, and reliable in almost any wind Pilots are perfect for lofting line art, tails, or supporting other inflated kites.

    This is a big, steady lifter with large billowing cells that inflate easily. We offer three sizes a 50 square foot model, a hefty 90 footer, or the huge 140 square foot kite. No tail or drogue is needed, although you can easily add one for more fun.

    • Available in Three Sizes
    • Choose from Three Designs
    • Stable and Reliable Lifter
    • Great for Line Art or Inflatables
    • Designed by Peter Lynn
    • Ask About Custom Colors

    Pilot Parafoil

    Click here for a photo.

    Pilots are now available in three design options the traditional Solid, the colorful Striped, or the patriotic USA model. Choose a stock design or ask about custom colors.

    • Pilot 50 (6.5x7 ft - use #200-300 line) $275
    • Pilot 90 (9x10 ft - use #300-500 line) $375
    • Pilot 140 (11.5x12 ft - use #500-750 line) $600

    Rokkaku: Take a new look at the classic fighting kite of Japan.

    The stability and convenience of this modern Rokkaku make it great for fun flying, lifting, or fighting. Adjustable bow lines allow tuning for different winds.

    Our's was designed by Kevin Shannon - a kitemaker who's roks have earned more fighting trophies than any other designer in America.


    The hexagonal Rokkaku kite was originally developed for traditional kite fighting in Japan. Large paper and bamboo kites flown by teams would tangle, tip, or crash together and the last kite in the sky was the winner.

    Our kite measures 5.5 feet tall and 4.5 feet wide. Click here for a photo. It is constructed of durable ripstop with a fiberglass frame and comes complete with our exclusive Tuning and Fighting Guide.. We use the four-bridle-point configuration for ease of tuning. Choose red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or purple.

    "Roks" fly well in all winds and are excellent for intermediate or advanced fliers. They will also hold tube tails or line art. Use 100-200 pound flying line. Just $65 each.

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    Please Note: Special care is required when flying large and heavy pulling kites or ground devices. Such care includes but is not limited to the following:

    • Be sure your flying area is clear of people and obstructions.
    • Be sure you are properly anchored.
    • Be sure your flying line is sufficient for the load it is carrying.
    • Be sure you have the ability to retreive your kite after it is launched.

    Large kites can be dangerous: When you fly them, you accept responsibility for any accidents that may result. GKPI assumes no liability for injury or damage.