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Once you have a kite, you really don't need much else. Ok, you need flying line and you need wind. But that's all you really need.

And that brings us to the other stuff you may decide you want anyway. Afterall, life is about more than just the things you need....

Pieces Shown Below:
Anchors: Sand Anchors | Caribiners | Anchor Strap
Line and Spools: Line and Winders | Light Line Spools | Heavier Line | Wooden Winders
Kite Bags: Stuff Sacks | Long Kite Bags

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Sand Anchors:

You arrive on the beach ready to fly, look around, and there isn't anything in sight to tie off to. What to do?? Simple -- just pull a sand anchor out of your bag.

This ingenious designs is made from a sheet of tough fabric with straps attached. Dog a hole in the sand, lay the fabric in the hole, fill the sand back in, and then connect your kite to the straps.

  • Medium Anchors - two to a package
      each 18 inches square - $14
  • Large Anchors - one to a package
      each 3 feet square - $15

Sand Anchors

Smaller anchors will hold kites that pull up to 50 pounds. Larger anchors will hold larger kites, up to and including the giants if you follow the instructions we've included. Click here for a photo.

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Some of our Kid's Kites come without flying line. That’s because many kiters already have line and don't want to pay for a new set with each kite they buy. And if you are looking for a wall decoration, you don't want to pay for line either. But we’ll happily add line and a simple winder to any kite package for a $5.

Durable Plastic Winder / 200 Feet Twisted Polyester Line / 60 Pound Strength

Other line options are listed below.

Line Spools

Plastic Line Spools:

Grab a handy 6 inch line winder in bright plastic colors. Our colorful spools are hard to break, hard to lose, and hard to resist. The narrow construction makes them easier to hold and to store.

Choose 200 feet of 85 pound line - great for smaller kites - on a blue winder for $8. Or choose 150 feet of 170 pound line on a red winder for $9.

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Wooden Winder
Top Quality Line and Winders: You can use all kinds of things to wind up your flying line. We use these handsome Hardwood Handles, individually crafted here in Oregon. There are two sizes - the standard 12 inch for $9 and the large 18 inch for $12.
Lighter Flying Line: We use a black dacron for serious flying. The lightly waxed finish is easier to handle and the hollow braid can easily be spliced back together in the case of a cut or break. We prefer the dark color because it repels dirt, is easier to see in the sky, and because, well, because we like it...

Strength 500 feet 1000 feet 3000 feet

100 lbs




200 lbs




300 lbs




500 lbs




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Anchor Straps: For anchoring larger kites, we use an eight foot length of tubular climbing webbing with loops power-stitched into each end. We combine this with a heavy oval carabiner rated at over 4000 pounds. Then we attach a small piece of bungee to the strap so we can wrap the whole thing up neatly. If you need a similar set-up, we'll sell you the strap and biner for $15.

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Strap and Carabiner

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Mini Carabiners: To attach tubes, pillows. spinsocks, and flags, we twist small "pearabiners" into the line. We used to buy them at climbing stores for $4.50 each, but have now found a way to buy in bulk and save a few dollars. We'll sell them for $3 each. Note: Although ideal for attaching accessories, these smaller carabiners are not designed to handle the stress of anchoring larger kites.

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Mini Carabiners

Kite Sleeves:

Keep your favorite kites clean and protected in our durable nylon bags.

Each bag is six feet tall -- long enough for almost any kite - and four inches wide. That makes it convenient to put one or sometimes two kites in one bag for easy transport or storage.

A Velcro tab keeps the bag closed, and a loop at the top is great for hanging or attaching a personal label.

Kite Bags

Kite Sleeves are available in your choice of blue or black for $6 each.

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Stuff Sacks: Use them for kites, cram them full of laundry, or store your line in them for easy transport and access -- our stuff sacks are simple and indispensable

Bags are in tough nylon fabric with a round bottom. They include a drawstring and plastic toggle-lock.

Stuff Sacks

    Stuff Sack Sizes and Prices:
    • Small - 16x8 inches - $5 each or three for $12
    • Medium - 24x12 inches - $7 each or three for $18
    • Large - 39x24 inches - $12 each or three for $30

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Please Note: Special care is required when flying large and heavy pulling kites or ground devices. Such care includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Be sure your flying area is clear of people and obstructions.
  • Be sure you are properly anchored.
  • Be sure your flying line is sufficient for the load it is carrying.
  • Be sure you have the ability to retreive your kite after it is launched.

Large kites can be dangerous: When you fly them, you accept responsibility for any accidents that may result. GKPI assumes no liability for injury or damage.