Welcome to Gomberg Kite Productions, International! After 35 years, GKPI is changing.

We have traveled the world, visited 40 countries, and attended a thousand festivals. We have brought the newest and most interesting kite designs to the market. We’ve flown for motion pictures, Walt Disney, the Super Bowl, and the London Millennium Celebration. We unveiled our first web page in 1996, published 600 weekly updates of news and travel, wrote three books, and opened three kite stores (which we gave to our managers five years ago). We were president of the AKA an unprecidented ten times and led the Kite Trade Association three terms. We have been inducted into the Kite Hall of Fame (next to Ben Franklin and the Wright Brothers!) and were presented the lifetime achievement Edeiken Award – twice (the second time we declined it which has never been done before or since). We’ve spent a lifetime spreading the joys of kiting, kite knowledge, and kite friendships. Now we are beginning to wind down.

Business is still good, but takes all day, seven days a week. We want more time for the rest of life. And honestly, it is hard to compete with Amazon and free shipping for a box that costs us $20 to send you. We pay royalties to designers but offshore manufactures sell copies for a fraction of the cost. Travel is more tedious and the kite bags seem to be getting heavier.

Starting in January, we began to pare down products offered at GKPI. We are also limiting custom designs and colors. You will also notice drastic discounts changing frequently in the Factory Outlet. We are planning a transition through 2020. Please check back often!

We value each of you and our long association and friendship. Thanks so much for being part of our lives and making our business something special.

*GKPI Factory Outlet

      Reduced prices on new kites, demos, and factory seconds.

*Show Kites, Lifters, Laundry and Banners for Sale

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On the pages that follow, we hope to share with you the excitement that kiting offers on a global scale.

GKPI has specialized in big Show Kites, Inflatables, Tails, and Line Laundry. For three decades, we travled the kite world and reported our adventures in Weekly Updates. We published three books that are now online here.

If you are interested in flying lessons, try the How to Fly section for details on single-line, sport kites, and kite fighting. Specialized flying instructions for our larger kites are in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Interested in kite history or how to build your own kite? In our Educational Pages, we offer materials for schools and teachers.

Finally,we tell you a little more about ourselves and our interests in the Personal Page.

The history, art, technology, sport, and industry of kiting is wonderfully diverse. And wherever you turn, there is more fun to be found.

We're glad you joined us.

*Weekly Update Archive

      More than 600 essays of trip and festival reports, photos, news, new products, and contemporary kite history.

*Frequently Asked Questions

      Tons of information for large kites, lifters, safety, tuning, and anchoring.

*How to Fly

*Kites as an Educational Tool

      Use kites in the classroom to teach about History, Science, and Art.
      • Workshop Instructions and Simple Kite Plans.
      • Kite History and Inventor Profiles.
      • Photos of Kites from Around the World.
      • Information on Wind and How a Kite Flies.

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