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On the pages that follow, we hope to share with you the excitement that kiting offers on a global scale. Please bookmark us now!

GKPI specializes in big Show Kites, Inflatables, Tails, and Line Laundry. We offer a great collection of introductory kites in our G-Kites pages or on our sister site at GKites.com. And if you're looking for a bargain, be sure to visit our Factory Outlet.

For two decades, we travled the kite world and reported our adventures in Weekly Updates. We opublihsed three books that are now online here.

If you are interested in flying lessons, try the How to Fly section for details on single-line, sport kites, and kite fighting. Specialized flying instructions for our larger kites are in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Interested in kite history or how to build your own kite? In our Educational Pages, we offer materials for schools and teachers.

Finally,we tell you a little more about ourselves and our interests in the Personal Page.

The history, art, technology, sport, and industry of kiting is wonderfully diverse. And wherever you turn, there is more fun to be found.

We're glad you joined us.

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