Dealer Inquiries

Gomberg Kite Productions is one of the leading distributors of kites and accessories in the United States. "GKPI" welcomes dealer inquiries from legitimate re-sellers regarding all kites and books we manufacture or distribute.

In order to receive wholesale pricing, an applicant must complete and return our dealer application.

  • G-KITES products are available to all re-sellers who successfully complete our application. There is a $500 minimum on first orders.
  • Gomberg "Premium" Products are available to all re-sellers who currently stock G-Kites.

The GKPI wholesale program is designed to support merchants who intend to re-sell our products and in consideration of retail customers who have purchased at full price. Providing wholesale discounts to end-users erodes the value of our products and the integrity of the retail industry. We reserve the right to decline wholesale requests from businesses which, in our opinion, are not legitimate kite resellers.

Gomberg Kite Productions, International has a strong commitment to supporting local kite retailers. Stores carrying our products will be listed in our various directories, marketing materials, and links to online catalogs. Dealers are welcome to download images of our products for promotional use.

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