Flying Line, Anchors and Hardware

If you fly a lot of kites, chances are you already have line, swivels and anchor hardware. But if you don't, or if you need something new, here is what we use.

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Frequently Asked Questions
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Flying Line for Larger Kites:

Quality flying line can seem expensive. But when you consider the cost of quality kites, paying a few dollars for the right equipment to fly them is a small and worthwhile investment.

Lighter Flying Line: For what most people call "normal" kites -- ones that require 500 pound line or less -- we use a black dacron line. The lightly waxed finish is easier to handle and the hollow braid can easily be spliced back together in the case of a cut or break.

We prefer the dark color because it repels dirt, is easier to see in the sky, and because, well, because we like it...

Strength 500 feet 1000 feet

100 lbs



200 lbs

no longer available


300 lbs



500 lbs



Wooden Winder
Premium Wooden Line Winders: You can use all kinds of things to wind up your flying line. We use these handsome Hardwood Handles, individually crafted here in the USA.

GKPI Wooden winders are made from laminated hardwood. They have a natural finish that you can write on -- if you are inclined to label your line. You can also stain or varnish them to really bring out the grain.

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There are two sizes - the standard 12 inch for $9 and the large 18 inch for $12. Click on the image to see how we recommend you wind line in a figure-eight pattern to eliminatge twists.

Why we don't use Halos for larger kites:

Lots of people use "Halo" Winders for larger kites. And we can see why. They are simple, easy, and work well.

The problem is these "unbreakable" winders often break. I've pulled them out of my kite bag to find that baggage handlers have banged things up. I've dropped them and seen edges chip. And worst, I've seen people wind line in under pressure. Wrap the line on with a pound of pressure each turn and you quickly get two-hundred pounds of tension. Last thing you want is to have a hard plastic winder crush in your hands with lots of sharp edges and the kite still pulling!

Line Spools

If you use a Halo, take a moment to wind the line on lightly. Better yeat, pull the kite down and then wind up the slack line. And while winding up, flip the winder regularly to reverse the twists you put in the line with each turn.

Plastic Line Spools:

Grab a handy 6 inch line winder in bright plastic colors. Our colorful spools are hard to break, hard to lose, and hard to resist.

The narrow construction makes them easier to hold and to store.

Line Spools

Choose 200 feet of 85 pound line - great for smaller kites - for $8. Or choose 150 feet of 170 pound line for $9.

Heavy Line for Big Kites: For larger kites, we like a line we can put our hands on. The diameter may be a bit thicker, but big kites can usually lift it and overcome any drag without a problem. This line also has a little stretch. Normally, that's not what you want. But with big kites, a bit of flexibility will keep a gust from pulling your anchor out.

Our heavy line has a twisted nylon core and a black polyester cover. It is tough, wear-resistant, attractive, and economical.

Rather then pack hard line winders, we store and transport our heavier lines in fabric bags. Stuff it in after a day of flying and you'll be surprised how easily it comes out next time. Plus, these stuff sacks pack into the same soft bags as our kites without any problem.

Line comes in 300 foot spools.

Strength Diameter Lbs per 100 ft Price

750 lbs




1200 lbs




1800 lbs




Longer lengths are available on a special order basis, although we don't really recommend flying large kites highter than 300 feet.

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Looking for a quick and effective way to attach the flying line to the kite? Use a larkshead!

Just tie a loop in the end of the flying line. Double the loop over itself, slide that over a knot at the end of the kite's bridle, and snug it down. Line tension will keep the larkshead tight until you are ready to remove it.

The Larkshead

Once you get the hang of this simple knot, you'll find it indispensable for connecting your flying line, attaching laundry to "pigtails" and anchoring. For more photos and information, click here.

Anchors and Hardware:

Mini Carabiners: To attach tubes, pillows. spinsocks, and flags, we twist small "pearabiners" into the line. We used to buy them at climbing stores for $4.50 each, but have now found a way to buy in bulk and save a few dollars. We'll sell them for $3 each. Note: Although ideal for attaching accessories, these smaller carabiners are not designed to handle the stress of anchoring larger kites.

Mini Carabiners

Large Carabiners

Large Carabiners: We also have the larger biners. Omega oval carabiner are rated at over 4000 pounds. Use them with sand anchors or other hardware. $10.00 each.

These are the same biners we include with our anchor straps.

We've seen all kinds of tricks used to attach laundry to a flying line. Most involve knots which cause abrasion and weaken line strength. Our approach is a lot more simple.

We wrap small carabiners into the main flying line. Normally, three twists work just fine. When the line is slack, you can slide the "biner" anywhere you want. But when the kite goes up and tension builds on the line, the "biner" is locked in place.

It's quick, easy, and doesn't reduce line strength.

Attaching Line Laundry

Swivels: If something turns or spins, it needs a swivel. If it doesn't, then don't bother with extra hardware.

For fast turning pieces like Parachutes and Spiked Bols or Baskets, we recommend Sampo Ballbearing Swivels. They are smooth, tough, and don't wear out. We use the double-ring style which we find stronger than the wire snap. The rings are just the right size for Mini Carabiners. Sampo are a bit more expensive, but will pay for themselves over a long working lifespan. Your cost is $4.00 on the 300 pound.

Sampo Swivels

Our pulley handles line of up to 1/2 thickness. Sideplates are anodized aluminum with a steel axle and aluminum sheave. Each pulley is rated to 5,000 pounds. We sell them for $15 each.

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Sand Anchors: You arrive on the beach ready to fly, look around, and there isn't anything in sight to tie off to. What to do??

Simple. Just pull one of our sand anchors out of your bag. This ingenious Australian design is a square of fabric with straps sewn into it. You dig a hole in the sand, lay the fabric in the hole, fill the sand back in, and then connect your kite to the straps with a carabiner.

We sell two sizes of anchors. Or you can make your own. Use different size "biners" depending on the size of your kites.

  • Medium Anchors - two to a package
      each 18 inches square - $14
  • Large Anchors - one to a package
      each 3 feet square - $15

Click here for more instructions on how to use sand anchors. Smaller anchors will hold kites that pull up to 100 pounds. Larger anchors will hold larger kites, up to and including the giants if you follow the instructions we've included.

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Sand Anchor
Click on the photo for a schematic.

For hard ground, use solid metal stakes. Check your hardware store for re-bar or construction spikes.

Make sure you set your anchor spikes deep into the ground. And remember to tie-off low on the spike. Otherwise the kite will pull your spike loose and create a dangerous situation.

Setting Spike Anchors

Storage and Travel Bags:

Big kites need big bags. But you don't want to spend a bunch of money on bags so check this out.

Stunt and Fighter Bags:

The perfect bag for a stack of our Stunters, all assembled and trained and ready to just pull out and fly! Don't do dual-line? This is a great bag for your fighters too!

Each bag is about 34 x 34 inches, zippered on two sides for easy opening, and includes a shoulder strap. Yoiu can have your choice of black or black for $25.

Stack or Fighter Bag

8 ft Feather Banners:

The perfect way to add color or draw attention.

Feather Flags are specially designed from ripstop nylon to minimize color fading and wear or fraying. The lightweight fabric stays open and on display even in no wind.

We’ve designed the feather with a closed top end so it won’t come loose and slide down a pole. Secure the Feather to your pole using the elastic bungee at the bottom.

BFeather Banners

Choose the colorful Rainbow for $40. Economical Basic banners are one solid color for just $30. They come in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or purple. Or advertise your store, garage sale, or event with our Open banners which come in rainbow, warm, or cool for $40.

Feathers are designed for use with our Ultra 10 banner pole. Alternatively, they work well with inexpensive PVC pipe for a pole and rebar stakes for an anchor. (Purchase separately.) Click here for assembly instructions.

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