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The Biggest American Flag Kite in the World

Imagine the MegaFlag flying over the crowd at your event.

The public would watch the enormous flag being unfurled; watch it anchored to heavy vehicles with a 20 ton line; watch it slowly inflate with air.

And then imagine your public gasp in amazement as the kite slowly lofted into the air.

The MegaFlag is available for exhibitions throughout North America.

This giant showpiece meaures 130 feet long and 80 feet deep. Fully inflated with wind, it measures over 10,000 square feet.

Giant Flag Launch

Click here to see a short flight video.

Production of this flying behemoth was the collaborative effort of world famous kite builder Peter Lynn of New Zealand and David Gomberg, co-owner of Gomberg Kite Productions, International and Past President of the American Kitefliers Association President.

Giant Flag Construction

Mr. Lynn built the three kites that held the world's largest record in Guinness.

Mr. Gomberg's experience exhibiting giant kites is unrivaled. He has flown at festivals and events all over the world, including the Millennium celebration in London, China's Weifeng Kite Festival and the Super Bowl in Jacksonville, Florida.

Reactions to the kite are profound. "It's a bit corny." said one observer. "But I got a little choked up. It's not just well engineered. It's a really beautiful kite. And being close to something that majestic -- and symbolic, you can't help but actually get a bit teary eyed."

Giant kite shows present a variety of opportunities for community outreach and income.

Hosting this giant kite will provide you with media, advertising, and promotional advantages, as well as the potential for unique charitable projects and community involvement. Everyone attending your event will always remember this exciting patriotic and historic occasion. The return on your investment can be substantial.

  • Recruit sponsors for special flights.
  • Allow sponsors to join flight team.
  • Use sponsor or promotional vehicles for anchors.
  • Host live news remotes from inside the kite.
  • Lead small groups to the entrance of the flag kite
  • Allow spectatorsto feel the pull on the main line.
  • Organize photo sessions looking into the kite.
  • Attach your custom banner below the flag kite.
  • Retail smaller replicas of the giant flag kite.
  • Inside the Giant Flag
    Inside the Giant Kite
    First Launch
    First Launch
    First Launch
    First Launch
    First Launch
    First Launch

    Opportunities with the flag kite are limited only by your imagination.

    This immense flag kite is a media magnet -- a fun, visually appealing, and unique combination of the simple innocence of kite flying with Old Glory, the greatest symbol of America's strength.

    As just one example of the huge media interest in giant kites, in 1996, when a MegaKite first flew in Italy, the Reuters News Agency sent reports to 1600 subscribers around the world generating sensational international media coverage. It is believed that more than 1200 television stations worldwide showed this footage in the following few days.

    MegaKite fliers cannot recall even one official flight that was not televised, and wide international coverage has been the norm rather than an exception.

    The USA Mega Flag is availabile exclusively through Gomberg Kite Productions.

    Our flight team, ground crew and on site management group are certified veteran handlers of large show kites.

    Gomberg Kite Productions Int'l, Inc. has logged thousands of successful flying hours with large show kites at more than 500 events worldwide. They have an exemplary and proven safety record and a commitment to maximizing each performance.

    Specifications: The Mega Flag Kite is a completely soft kite design. For safety, soft kites have no sticks. They hold their shape solely by inflation of their three-dimensional form using pressure from the wind.

  • Over 10,000 square feet when stretched flat
  • 9,000 square foot lifting surface when flying
  • 130 feet wide x 82 feet deep
  • Each star on the flag kite is over four feet tall
  • 25-foot ceilings inside the kite
  • Weighs 500 pounds - Flown on 20 ton line
  • Over a mile of nylon fabric
  • Could hold two dozen full-sized school busses
  • Required more than 300 hours to complete
  • Susie Takes Charge

    Contracted Performance: General Flights are available for designated dates depending on availability and previous commitments. We'll fly the kite at a single location for up to 2 days, plus, conditions permitting, a short pre-view or media flight the day before your event.

    Rates include:

    • A performance of the MegaFlag Kite
    • A trained and experienced Flight and Safety Team
    • Hands-on opportunities for the public
    • On-Site press support, interviews, and promotional activities

    Because of the particular characteristics of flying such a massive kite, safety concerns, and the unpredictable nature of weather at some locations, a two or three day flying schedule is usually preferred. However, at more than 100 Mega Kite events in the last 7 years, this team has failed to fly just three times.

    For booking information, contact:

    Gomberg Kite Productions, International, Inc.
    Box 113 Neotsu, Oregon 97364
    Ph 541-996-3083
    Email: Info@Gombergkites.com

    We look forward to discussing this amazing opportunity with you further.

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