Frequently Asked Questions

How big is the Mega Flag?
Exactly?? The Gomberg Mega Flag measures 137.8 feet wide x 83 feet deep (42 meters by 25.3 meters). That's a total flat surface area of 11,437.5 square feet (1062.5 square meters). When inflated and flying, curvature of the surface reduces the effective lifing area to 10,225.7 square feet (950 square meters). When inflated, there is a 25-foot ceiling inside the kite.

Is the American Flag the only kite of this size?
No. There are presently three kites in the MegaFlag series. One is in the Middle East and one in Japan. All are exactly the same size and the series was recognized in 2005 as the "largest kite in the world".

Is this officially the world's largest kite?
The MegaFlag was officially certified as the largest in the world by the American Kitefliers Association in 2005.
Guinness recognized the first of the MegaFlag series as the largest in the world in February 2006. Previously. Guinness credited a kite called the MegaBite in 1997. The MegaBite and a sister kite of roughly the same size called the MegaRay were made by Peter Lynn of New Zealand. Peter produced the MegaFlag series which is 25% larger then the "Bite" and "Ray". He has since produced a newer kite that is larger and waiting formal certication.

Is this a kite or a balloon?
The Mega Flag is a fully functional, self-flying kite. It has no sticks or spars and is a patented kite design based on parafoils and ram-air inflated wings. Kites are anchored to the ground and generate lift when wind pressure interacts with the sail. Balloons are lifted into the air by gasses inside the canopy.

How many people does it take to fly it?
We can manage the Mega Flag with a crew of two experienced team members. But we prefer to work with a group of ten-fifteen volunteers who help layout, inflate, launch and retrieve the kite.

Can we go inside?
Because the kite is an American Flag, we respectfully limit walking on the fabric to necessary crew trips.

Can you fly it at our festival or event?
Of course!! However, we do charge an appearance fee for performances of this unique piece. For more information on rates and conditions, contact David Gomberg at

Giant Flag

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